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Green Funeral Services
in Torbay, Teignbridge & The South Hams
Woodland Burial - Conqueror Wood, Cockington Country Park, Torquay.

A green burial is often part of a funeral where the family and friends can really become involved in the proceedings and the atmosphere is informal, although this does not have to be the case.  It is perfectly acceptable to have a woodland burial after a full church service.

Set in Cockington Country Park on the edge of Torquay, Torbay's only Woodland Burial site offers a natural alternative to traditional burials, the burial of ashes and more recently for the scattering of ashes. The site is part of Conqueror Wood, an 18 acre woodland planted in 2005.  Conqueror Wood enjoys fantastic views over the whole of Torbay, and is easy to get to, situated just off the Torbay ring road. Open glades, paths and rides with views of the sea are part of the woodland, which is planted with oak, ash, hazel and maple and shrubs.

The Woodland Burial site offers a natural way to remember loved ones. For each burial, a tree will be planted nearby; adding to the newly-planted woodland and each plot will be marked with a memorial plaque. Within the burial ground, there is space for single and double depth burials and for the burial of ashes. Each plot can be marked with a granite memorial plaque, set into the ground. Long grass will encourage birds such as the rare Cirl Bunting, in addition to insects and wildflowers.  Families receive packets of wildflower seed to scatter at the site.  

Burial in a Churchyard or Cemetery
Every parishioner has the right to a churchyard burial in their parish (if the churchyard is still open), even if they are not religious.  These tend to be quiet oases in a busy city or town, or in a beautiful rural churchyard setting.  We can take care of organising with the Parish Council and assist with the paperwork, reducing the burden on a family.

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